“Deciding to work with Monika was the single best decision I could have made. For myself. For my book. For my hopes for a future career as an author. She didn’t just clean up my manuscript, or make sure it’s not riddled with errors, she gave me the confidence and the support I needed to publish my story with pride.

It felt like working with a friend, a professional and a mentor, and I am so grateful to have found her. What could have been an arduous process with someone else, became a fun, collaborative one with her. Beyond that, I know that she considered my goals and style in every single one of her revisions. Intensely thorough and deeply tailored to my story’s needs, this was not a quick or easy edit. Far from it. She went through it carefully multiple times, and caught things I’d never have found even if I read it a million times.

At each stage of the process, I was impressed with her methodical approach. No adjustments were suggested without explanation. Her comments ranged from broad, touching on the whole scope of the novel itself and the character arcs, to intensely specific, touching on worldbuilding moments or characters’ nicknames. She noticed everything, and even helped iron out the details of my invented alien language, which was certainly beyond my expectations. It was, in short, an enlightening experience and I know I came out of it a far more aware and attentive writer.” —Imogen Keeper, regarding upcoming science-fiction erotic romance, The Breaking


“Monika Holabird did a superb line editing job on Torn Trousers, cleaning up multiple issues left by a previous ‘editor.’ I now recommend the book with absolute confidence that my readers can immerse themselves in the world without stumbling over commas and typos.”—Gwynn White, regarding bestselling African adventure memoir, Torn Trousers


“With laser-sharp logic, Monika Holabird took Warlord’s Wager, my disjointed steampunk fantasy, and helped me structure it into a page-turning adventure. The book would have been nothing without her help as a content editor.” —Gwynn White, regarding steampunk fantasy novel, Warlord’s Wager


“Working with Monika Holabird is an absolute pleasure. I gave her a good story to edit, but after she brought her sharp logic to the plot and characters and her critical eye to the text, I ended up with an excellent story. She delivered the work promptly and went the extra mile to make sure I was totally satisfied with her service. I would recommend her to any author wanting to hone their book before self-publishing or querying agents.”—Gwynn White, regarding bestselling steampunk fantasy novel, Rebel’s Honor